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Episode 1776 March 6, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Nathan from Cleveland, Ohio Comments

Nathan recently created a dual boot PC using Windows and Majaro Linux. But now his bandwidth speed on that PC is really slow compared to his other devices. Leo says that if the slowdown is evident on both Linux and Windows, then that points to a potential hardware issue. Leo recommends to boot into Windows and go into the Device Manager to make sure the PC is using the proper drivers. They should be by Intel. He can also do a Linux LSHW (list hardware) command, or LSPCI command which will show what ethernet and Internet commands are being used. Booting into Windows and using the Device Manager would be easier. Make sure all the settings are proper. Then try removing the device driver and reboot. Windows will then reinstall the network interface driver.

Watch Natasha from Long Beach, CA Comments

Natasha is scanning images and she wants to have the same quality image when she prints from the scan. Should she get a laser? Leo says that choosing a higher quality paper that's "whiter" and thicker could help. She could play with the intensity setting on the scanner as well. That could give her better color and resolution. She could get a higher-end laser printer, to be sure. Brother, Canon, and HP are the top brands. 

Watch Philip from Nashville, TN Comments

Phillip is thinking about getting a Ubiquiti access point for his home network, or an eero setup. What router should he get? Leo says Ubiquiti is Pro-sumer gear, but eero is better for the average consumer. Either is great, but the latter is more expandable. Check out Leo's HOT review of Ubquiti UniFi!

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Watch Jeff from Pasadena, CA Comments

Jeff is getting a warning about his WPA2 WiFi encryption. Should he move to a new router? Leo says that WPA2 was cracked, but he'd really have to have someone targeting him to really worry about it. WPA3 is the new standard and routers are starting to include it, but Leo doesn't think there's anything to worry about. He could check the router's firmware update to see if they offer it now. How about separating the SSID for the 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz bands? Leo says he can do that, but won't really have to. But if he's concerned about the router's security, and if the firmware hasn't been updated in a long time, it's definitely time to get a new router.

Watch Kevin from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Kevin can't edit his emails in Gmail. Leo says to try choosing "edit and resend," because if he's already sent it, he can't just re-edit a sent email. It's a better idea to save the email as a draft, and then edit it before he sends it off. After the fact, he will have to Edit and Resend. He could also copy it or forward it and then edit it that way.

Watch Jim from Bell, CA Comments

Jim's daughter is going to be studying STEM in college. What laptop should he buy? Leo says that in general, it won't make a difference. But she may want to call the college and talk to the STEM department and ask to see if they are focused on one platform over another. Especially if they are using specific software in class. But generally, it shouldn't matter. A MacBook Air is a good option though. On the Windows side, Leo says that the Lenovo Thinkpad is a great option.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Robert from Merrieta, GA Comments

Robert wants to get an EKG device to check his heart rate. He can get one for $89. Leo has one called AliveCor, and it lets him send the results directly to the doctor from his mobile phone. Leo says to go for it! The Apple Watch has really brought the price down on these personal health devices and now he can measure oxygen capacity and the EKG. It's not completely accurate, but it's enough for a doctor to see what's going on and if there's a problem. And it can save his life. 

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George is trying to set up his smart home hub to turn on his lights and he's having issues that his WiFi router won't take 2.4 GHz, only 5 GHz. Leo says to double-check that the router is only 5 GHz because Leo says that's an odd one. It's possible that Spectrum may have just turned the 2.4Ghz off. If so, he can always turn it on. But if not, then it's time to get a new router. And he will save money on rental fees in doing so as well.

Watch Jeanette from Southern California Comments

Jeanette bought an Asus ROG Laptop and it runs really, REALLY hot. Leo says that sounds like a defect. Although gaming laptops run a bit warm, they shouldn't run hot. Leo advises returning it and to have them check to see if there's a defective fan or a problem with cooling. Leo suspects the GPU is overheating, and that could mean poor thermal paste adhesion or a faulty fan.  Also, make sure it's got free-flowing airflow. Maybe get a laptop stand to elevate it.