What's the Best Backup Option for My Photography?

Episode 1775 (1:30:21)

David from Laguna Beach, CA
321 Backup: 3 Copies, 2 Different Formats, 1 Off-Site

David is heavy into Photography and has set up his own website. Now he's handling all the storage for his photos. Can he create a NAS to back everything up that he can access it? Leo says that David has done the right thing by storing his photos on SmugMug. Leo says to check out DPBestflow.org for tips on the best practices for backing up your data. Leo relies on a 321 backup strategy: three copies, two different formats, one off-site. Leo also uses Synology as his NAS, and one of the things he can do is make it public and use an app called Moments to access the images from the cloud. It also has a shared photo library and facial recognition for search.