Rod Pyle and the Big Asteroid

Episode 1775 (2:02:45)

Rod Pyle

Since there's not much going on yet with the Mars Perseverance Rover, Rod joins Leo to talk about the next giant asteroid that's going to be passing close to the Earth soon. On March 21st, 2001FO32 is a big asteroid as big as the Golden Gate Bridge, which will pass within 1.3 million miles of Earth, technically considered a close approach. Ron says NASA is looking at ways to avoid being hit by one. Especially since we're overdue for a major strike. NASA is launching DART, the Double Asteroid redirection test, which will test technology to nudge an asteroid off course. 

Leo asks how much warning would we have to take action? Rod says that it depends on the size, angle to the sun, speed, and other factors. But sometimes we don't see them until they've already passed us by. But usually a few years or even months. NASA has already cataloged most of the large ones.