What's a Good, Cheap Camcorder for School?

Episode 1774 (1:58:33)

Jeff from Thunder Bay, Ontario, CAN

Jeff is looking for a dedicated video camera to make YouTube videos at school. Leo says that these days, kids have a perfectly good 4K camera with their smartphones. That may be great for TikTok, but a dedicated camera is a better idea. Leo recommends the AAEBLOY Camcorder. They're under $100 and the quality is pretty good. 36mp sensor, 16x digital zoom. And it's affordable enough that he can include a tripod and lights as well. Here's a review. But the downside is that it doesn't have optical zoom or focusing.

He's probably better off getting the Canon Vixia or Sony HDR CX405 for under $250.That's twice as much, but it also has real optical zoom and autofocus.