Reciva is Gone, Will My WiFi Radio Stop Working?

Episode 1774 (1:17:00)

Micah from Portland, OR

Micah listens to the radio over WiFi and he recently heard that the Reciva internet guide will be shutting down. Will that make his WiFi radio a paperweight? Leo says that as long as the URL for the radio station doesn't change, it should still work. The presets should definitely work. But once the radio station changes the stream URL, he will lose it.

There's also an issue with the online time clock not working. So it may be a gradual de-volution to paperweight status without Reciva to back them up. CCrane is offering a special discount on the old radio to get a new one that relies on a different database. So that may be the best option. Or, companies like iHeartRadio could create their own databases to offer to CCrane as part of a firmware update.