How Can I Clone a Hard Drive With Linux?

Episode 1774 (15:20)

Brent from Auckland, NZ

Brent wants to know how he can image his Linux hard drive. Leo says that Clone Zilla is the best option for Linux. It's available in the Ubuntu Store. There's also DD.\

Brent also says that Toomas Ilves, the former president of Estonia, who was born in the US, credits learning coding in High School with being able to harness technology to win the election. Estonia is a tech-forward nation, having created digital IDs for citizens. So coding can be used to change the world. But Leo also says a digital ID wouldn't work here in the US since we're a republic of states and too many are averse to the concept of a single Federal ID.

Brent wants to review a new scanner called the CZar Aura. He says it uses special software that enables fast scanning of books. It can also double as a desk lamp.