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Episode 1774 February 27, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Brent from Auckland, NZ Comments

Brent wants to know how he can image his Linux hard drive. Leo says that Clone Zilla is the best option for Linux. It's available in the Ubuntu Store. There's also DD.\

Brent also says that Toomas Ilves, the former president of Estonia, who was born in the US, credits learning coding in High School with being able to harness technology to win the election. Estonia is a tech-forward nation, having created digital IDs for citizens. So coding can be used to change the world. But Leo also says a digital ID wouldn't work here in the US since we're a republic of states and too many are averse to the concept of a single Federal ID.

Brent wants to review a new scanner called the CZar Aura. He says it uses special software that enables fast scanning of books. It can also double as a desk lamp. 

Watch Steve from Encinada, MX Comments

Steve wants to know how he can stream on-demand using a satellite receiver. Leo says that using a VPN through a router could work, his whole network would then appear to be in the US. Leo says he can also use a raspberry pi to run in between it and the streamer. He also wants to be sure his wifi network is protected. Leo recommends also getting the Tiny Hardware Firewall. It uses their VPN or TOR to route the signal. However, it may not be fast enough to stream video. But they're using HotSpot VPN, so it's worth a try.

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Watch Jeff from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Jeff recently cut the cord and set up Ooma for his phone service with WiFi calling since he has lousy cell reception. But the problem his voice is cutting out. Leo says that the router is the likely culprit. This is because it affects two different devices. But it's possible that Jeff's internet company is being anti-competitive, favoring their own internet phone service over any others. One possible solution is to not use their modem and router. He can buy his own modem and router and then save a monthly rental fee at the same time. Leo recommends DOCSIS 3.1. Leo likes the NetGear CM1000. Also, look at the Asus AC3200 line of routers. Leo also suggests putting the Ooma outside the router makes for a better connection. So he'd daisy chain the modem and then the Ooma and then the router.

Jeff also wants to know how he can wirelessly backup his network. Leo says that network-attached storage is the best option. Leo recommends the Synology NAS. It's a bit pricey though. He can also attach an external hard drive to the router. 

Watch Micah from Portland, OR Comments

Micah listens to the radio over WiFi and he recently heard that the Reciva internet guide will be shutting down. Will that make his WiFi radio a paperweight? Leo says that as long as the URL for the radio station doesn't change, it should still work. The presets should definitely work. But once the radio station changes the stream URL, he will lose it.

There's also an issue with the online time clock not working. So it may be a gradual de-volution to paperweight status without Reciva to back them up. CCrane is offering a special discount on the old radio to get a new one that relies on a different database. So that may be the best option. Or, companies like iHeartRadio could create their own databases to offer to CCrane as part of a firmware update.

Watch Michael from Torrance, CA Comments

Michael wants to know if Starlink is going to be fast. Leo says that Elon Musk is currently promising 150MB down with 20 milliseconds of latency. But people are saying it's getting faster as more satellites come online. But it isn't cheap at $500 for the equipment and $99 a month. But that will go down too as more people sign up.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Marcia from Brea, CA Comments

Marcia has lost 80% of her hearing and has had the Envoy Esteem implantable hearing aid installed. The nice thing is that one never takes them out and it's about as close to natural hearing as anyone can remember. It has a two-year battery. Leo says they aren't cheap though, at $30,000. But can one put a price on being able to hear again?

Watch Jeff from Thunder Bay, Ontario, CAN Comments

Jeff is looking for a dedicated video camera to make YouTube videos at school. Leo says that these days, kids have a perfectly good 4K camera with their smartphones. That may be great for TikTok, but a dedicated camera is a better idea. Leo recommends the AAEBLOY Camcorder. They're under $100 and the quality is pretty good. 36mp sensor, 16x digital zoom. And it's affordable enough that he can include a tripod and lights as well. Here's a review. But the downside is that it doesn't have optical zoom or focusing.

He's probably better off getting the Canon Vixia or Sony HDR CX405 for under $250.That's twice as much, but it also has real optical zoom and autofocus.

Watch Kevin from Porter Ranch, CA Comments

Kevin wants to block YouTube so his first grader won't be distracted during distance learning at home. Leo says that there's a Supervised YouTube account, and he can determine what she can and cannot see. Check out he may create her own account and log her into that. It also has screen timers to limit the time.

When will the M1 iMac come out? Leo says no one knows, but he expects it to be the first half of 2021. Look for a presentation closer to summer.