How Can I Make an Old Dell Monitor Work With a New iMac?

Episode 1773 (56:15)

John from Eastern Long Island, NY
iMac 27'

John recently recycled a 2013 iMac for a client who loves Photoshop. He used a Thunderbolt 2 adapter to display port for a second monitor. But with the latest 5K iMac, he needs a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter so he can use the second monitor. But it doesn't recognize it. What can he do? Leo says that John needs a DVI adapter to keep it digital. Apple suggests starting up in safe mode to see if it works. If it does, there's a driver issue causing the problem. But it may be time to update the monitor. You can get one for under $100. Leo likes the AOC USB monitor. Very inexpensive at $100 and more powerful for Photoshopping. It plugs into thunderbolt 3 or display port, and it's very portable.