What Do I Need to Digitize VHS Tapes?

Episode 1772 (1:31:56)

Paul from Laguna Nigel, CA
Combo Player

Paul has 35 VHS tapes and he doesn't want to pay $650 to digitize them. How can he do it himself? Should he just buy a VCR and use it to digitize? Leo says he can do that. But while at it, look for a VHS model that also has a DVD burner built-in. It's called a Combo player.  But Paul wants to get it done sooner rather than later. But with a VHS player, he'll need a video capture card to hook it up with that can take the red, white, and yellow composite video cables. S-Video would be even better. But the capture card is what's important. And get the fastest converter box he can get, USB3 is ideal. Hauppauge is one of the best makers of capture cards. Roxio is the other. But he can get them on Amazon from dozens of makers.