How Do I Improve My WiFi Reception?

Episode 1772 (1:57:44)

Carmen from Springhill, FL

Carmen's WiFi is terrible and she's been told it's because of "firewalls" in the house. Will a WiFi booster help her problem? Leo says it's more likely the crappy router she's been given by her ISP. She can try moving it around, and up to a higher position. That could help. The higher the router is, the better the reception she'll get. So if Carmen's router can be above her head, that would be better. She also wants to ask the ISP for a newer WiFi modem. Call Spectrum and demand the latest box. Ask for a WiFi 6 router. It's called the Spectrum Wave II. She pays the rental on that box, so she may as well have the latest one. 

There is a way to put a wifi access point into her room so that it could pick up the signal and relay it. Leo recommends going with powerline networking. It'll use the powerline electrical wires in her wall to carry the network to any room in your house. TPLink makes them and it works really well.