Is There a Good App to Take Pictures of Art?

Episode 1771 (54:06)

Glenda from Huntington Beach, CA

Glenda sells art online for a gallery and uses CamScan to shoot the images. But sometimes the colors are off. Leo says that color accuracy can be difficult, especially when shooting art. Lighting is important, and a tripod helps in order to get the proper perspective. But when you process an image in software, it's always possible that the image can be modified in a way you don't want. Here are a few links for tips - and

Chris Marquardt says the most important thing is to avoid glare. Overcast daylight can be the best light since it's diffused and even. Also, place the camera parallel to the image to avoid distortion.

Google has an app called Photo Scan that uses artificial intelligence and multiple images taken at various angles to produce an ideal image.