Sam Abuelsamid: Serviced

Episode 1771 (23:39)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about updates to Android Auto, which are coming to fix a bug that would put Android phones into a "boot loop." The problem stems from the Sync 4 standard that Ford uses for over the air updates. The fix is coming in the next few weeks. Leo says that Tesla was the first to do over the air updates since they treat their cars more as a computer than an automobile. But OTA updates have been happening with telematics in cars for years. Tesla was the first to actually update a car's firmware. But with this Android Auto bug, the threat of actually bricking your car is very real. So the fix is vital for users to get. 

In other car news, Bridgestone Tires is moving towards making "smart tires," which have sensors in the tires to measure a tire's health. The Bridgestone Intellitire will be coming to passenger tires in the coming years that will alert drivers if the tire is damaged, wearing prematurely, and other metrics. Bridgestone may also be moving towards making tires a subscription service, where the tires would automatically alert drivers that it's time to replace them, or it's time to shift to winter or summer tires. A pilot program is set to begin with commercial fleets to test the viability of a subscription tire service, with the goal of bringing it to consumers in the coming years.