Prolific Digital Criminal Joker's Stash Retires

Episode 1771 (02:15)

Joker's Stash

One of the most prolific digital criminals has retired. Darknet crime lord Joker's Stash has decided to cash in his chips and close down his site that infamously posted millions of credit card numbers and bilked users out of billions in bitcoin. The move angered many other criminals who still have credit on the site to spend, once again proving there is no honor among thieves. 

Stash's retirement follows the sunsetting of "Maze," another prolific criminal enterprise, which retired last November, and Grand Crab, who also retired last year. Leo says it could be that since it's getting harder and harder to take advantage of people online, that there's no profit in it anymore. Or at least as much profit as the early days. But Leo says when one retires, another ten takes his place.