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Watch Mitzy from California Comments

Mitzy has a problem with her Epson Perfection 1260 scanner and their recently bought Windows 10 computer. They just won't work together. Epson says that the model isn't supported by Windows 10. Leo says that the Windows 8 64 bit drivers may actually work. It's at least worth a try. Epson also has a scanner driver and scan utility for that model. Mitzy can also run the scanning program in Compatability Mode, which could make it work.

Lastly, there is a third party scanner driver that works with TWAIN that can work. It's called Hamrick VueScan. There's a free trial.

Watch Matthew from Murrieta, CA Comments

Matthew wants to know if there's a good resource for project management in his property management business so that everyone can be on the same page. Leo recommends Another option is a Wiki, which anyone can contribute to. You can also do it on your own server through DokuWiki. Digital Ocean can host it for about $5 a month if you don't have a server. BaseCamp is another. Very popular with not only project management, but message boards, to-dos, and other useful features.

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Watch Richard from Whitter, CA Comments

Richard wants to know how he can stop all the spam he gets. Leo says you really can't. You can block emails and send the spam directly into the trashcan, but it's like playing wack-o-mole since spammers know you're going to do that and change the emails they send from. They also use spoofing to fool email clients to get past filters and change them regularly. All told, up to 80% of all email traffic comes from spammers.

And get ready, because text messages are the next target. And invitations to Google Calendar are also next, but you can turn those off in Google Calendar settings. And there's little else we can do about it.

Watch Glenda from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Glenda sells art online for a gallery and uses CamScan to shoot the images. But sometimes the colors are off. Leo says that color accuracy can be difficult, especially when shooting art. Lighting is important, and a tripod helps in order to get the proper perspective. But when you process an image in software, it's always possible that the image can be modified in a way you don't want. Here are a few links for tips - and

Chris Marquardt says the most important thing is to avoid glare. Overcast daylight can be the best light since it's diffused and even. Also, place the camera parallel to the image to avoid distortion.

Google has an app called Photo Scan that uses artificial intelligence and multiple images taken at various angles to produce an ideal image.

Watch Mike from Denver, CO Comments

Mike wants to know what are good audio stream recorders. Leo says that Applian Replay Radio for Windows works well and has been around forever. But if you need a solid-state solution, look no further than CCrane

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Watch Brian from Arlington, TX Comments

Brian switched to Edge, and he can't create Icons for his shortcuts. He tried going back to Internet Explorer and he can't do it now there either. Known as Favicons, they are favorite icons for your favorite shortcuts. But recently, favicon creation has become more complicated due to sizes, bit rate, color depth, extensions, etc. But it's also gotten easier with online favicon generators. But if the website doesn't have a favicon, you end up with just an icon based on your browser. So it comes down to if your favorite website has created all the necessary files to create an icon when you save them. 

Watch Yuri from San Diego, CA Comments

Yuri is getting tired of ads on YouTube. They are now running ads all the time. It's very annoying. Leo says Google wants to push viewers towards their YouTube Premium service in order to get a monthly subscription rate. So that may be why all of a sudden, everyone is getting more and more ads during a stream. Leo says an ad blocker can help. But you can also block ads on the DNS level with NextDNS.

On Android, Firefox Focus is a good blocker for ads that can filter out things on your apps. 

Watch Jessica from Orange City, FL Comments

Jessica runs a gym and uses Pandora to play music. Does she have to pay ASCAP fees? Leo says that Pandora has a commercial service, which is probably what she uses. The reason is that playing Pandora for free can be considered piracy and can incur fines for the unauthorized playing of music in the public eye.  Pandora's commercial service also covers all license fees from ASCAP. But they aren't the only ones. There's also Mood Media, Spotify for Business, Cloud Cover, and others. 

Watch Jeff from Knockville, TN Comments

Jeff wants to know how to create a hotspot. Leo says you can tether from your mobile device. What about security? Leo says you can set a password in your hotspot settings. There's an ellipsis (...), and you click on that and choose change password.