Johnny Jet and the Travel Boon

Episode 1770 (1:21:55)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that more people are traveling, with over a million going through TSA every day. And there are some great deals right now, even though he doesn't recommend traveling right now. AA SF-NY or LA-DC $145. Insane deal. But if you're planning to travel this summer, jump on that deal. You can always cancel without a fee later since most airlines have dropped those change fees because of the pandemic. 

In related news, you still have to have a negative covid test to return to the US if you travel internationally. If you have the CLEAR app, for free, and you're traveling to Hawaii, you can sync up your negative test and skip the line in Hawaii. United. Delta and Alaska are doing this.  Make sure you go on Hawaii's website though, to double-check who their "trusted partners" are for testing. Otherwise, you may get denied. 

United Airlines just invested a billion dollars in ARCHER, an electric air taxi that can fly up to 60 miles at up to 150 Mph. It's scheduled to start operation in 2024.