How Can I Protect My Identity Online?

Episode 1770 (39:30)

Ed from Orange County, CA

Ed has an Apple Mac Air that he uses with Tunnel Bear VPN. He wants to do whatever he can to protect himself from identity theft. Leo says that there are several things he can do. First, register his own email domain. That way, anything that he signs up for, will come to him and he can see if that information gets sold. Then he can block the address because he knows it's been sold. Check out  It lets users create a unique email and phone number for signups that aren't related to their own email. Another idea is to use whenever a user makes a purchase online. (TWiT sponsor) will generate a one-time use, or temporary credit card number that users can use without having to compromise their private information. They can also be tied to a merchant with a set limit. There's no way to use it for anything else. Great solution. 

Keep all personal information, social security number, birth date, etc. as private as possible. 

He can also put a fraud alert on all three credit reporting agencies, and use a service like LifeLock to prevent credit to open in your name. 

Check out the FTC website for more tips.