Sam Abuelsamid and Winter Charging

Episode 1769 (24:29)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam Abuelsamid joins Leo with some car news! GM will announce that they will become a 100% electric vehicle car company at the Super Bowl today. The "Everybody In" campaign is designed to tell people that EVs are for everyone. 

Sam also wants to talk about what to do with your EV in the winter, where cold weather is tough on car batteries. Especially lithium-ion batteries. So winter charging is important when you live in colder locations. But EVs don't have access to waste heat like regular cars do with gas engines. So they have to generate the heat electrically, which impacts the range as well. Sam gets around this by programming the EV to heat the car while it's still plugged in overnight. It takes a lot less energy to maintain a heated cabin than it does to make it warm in the first place. 

Batteries also can't take a charge as fast when it's really cold. Sam says that it only charges at about 1/3 efficiently in the winter. Meaning that it could take up to two hours to charge from a depleted battery. So it pays to have a charger that you can plug your car into overnight. Carmakers are also putting in technology now, that will automatically authenticate you, debiting your account, so you don't have to take the time to get your payment out once you plug it in.