Rod Pyle and Settled in Space

Episode 1769 (1:54:41)

Rod Pyle

In Space News, three Mars probes are arriving at the Red Planet in the next week. One is from NASA, then there's the Chinese Space Agency, and the third is from the UAE. NASA's Perseverance will have a huge Curiosity class rover, and it will be able to drill and take core samples, which can be returned to earth five years later. It's also going to be looking for fossils and live microbes. 

The UAE sent a weather probe to Mars. It arrives on the 9th. Then there's China's probe, Tianwen 1, and it's a Viking style lander with a rover and an orbiter. These will join the eight US orbiters, which are already circling the Red Planet. 

In other news, SpaceX launched SN9 this week, and like SN8, it's crashed on landing. But SpaceX is learning a lot. Next up is SN10.  SpaceX also announced an all civilian flight called Inspiration. Rod says it's nervous to think that a civilian who isn't a career astronaut and pilot is going to command and pilot the mission.