Why Can't My Macbook Pro Run Zoom?

Episode 1768 (1:15:00)

Penny from Apple Valley, CA

Penny and her boyfriend are both teachers, and they teach people gardening and welding. Both now require distance learning, but they aren't very computer savvy. Will her 2012 Macbook Pro do the job? Leo says that Apple limits what version of the operating system she can update to using that Mac. It's possible that the age would prevent updating to the latest macOS, which Zoom may require. But the 2012 model should be OK. Check out AnyMac.com to see what version of macOS is compatible. 

A new Macbook Air would only set Penny back $1000. Check Apple's refurb site for a few hundred less. That's what Leo would recommend. 

But the chatroom says that she can upgrade to macOS Catalina or ElCapitan. 10.15.7. Go to the app store. She'll probably have to upgrade twice. Once to Snow Leopard, and then to Catalina. But don't try to go BigSur.  She'll also likely need more RAM though, so Leo recommends going to Otherworld Computing or iFixit.com. They will show her how to double the RAM.