Scott Wilkinson and the Superb-owl.

Episode 1768 (26:10)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott says that CBS will not be broadcasting the Super Bowl in 4K this year due to production issues related to Covid. They won't even be streaming in 4K. More people are expecting to watch the game via streaming this year than broadcast.  Hulu has also lost distribution rights to CBS in some locations, so some subscribers may not be able to see it that way.

If you have an iPhone 12, you can watch the Super Bowl via 5G via the NFL app. Users will also have access to up to 12 different camera angles. Leo is doubtful though because the 5G millimeter wave is rather bogus because people will only be able to see it within 800 feet of the tower, and in very limited locations. It's silly to hype that.

Also, many of the big-name advertisers aren't running ads this year, and in California, it's against current law to air TVs in a bar this year, because people will gather to watch it. So any bar or restaurant running TVs will be violating the law. So most people will watch the Super Bowl at home as a result.

Meanwhile, Scott will be watching the Puppy Bowl.