How Can I Cut the Cable and Get OTA TV?

Episode 1768 (2:03:00)

Patrick from Redding, CA

Patrick wants to cut the cable. How can he cancel cable and stream live TV? Leo says if he has straight access to a line of sight to the tower, then an antenna is the best option out there. What about a DVR? Leo says that there are two OTA DVRs. One is ChannelMaster, and the other is the Silicon Dust HD Home Run. Both will work with an antenna and home network, so he can stream to any TV in the house. Is there a monthly charge? Leo says just for the channel guide, though only for the HD Home Run. Channel Master doesn't charge. 

Patrick could also stream free locals with What about AirTV? AirTV works with SLING and DISH. So they'll be subscription focused to get him to upgrade to SLING. The chatroom likes Tableau.

 Pat is also looking for a good password manager. Leo says that there are many. He uses LastPass. There's also an open-source option called BitWarden.