Why Has My Wink Home Hub Gone Offline?

Episode 1767 (1:00:23)

Gary from Buffalo, NY
Wink Homehub

Gary bought the Wink Smart Home Hub, and recently it went offline. Leo says that's because the company ran out of money and converted to a monthly subscription for $5. But according to the website, there is a known issue that they are making a fix for. They say it'll work locally, as long as you don't unplug it.

There is an open-source option called HOOBs that works with most environments, including Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. There's also OpenHab home automation software. You can even build your own server with a cheap Raspberry Pi, and you'll never have to worry about paying a monthly subscription.

Check out Stacy Higgenbothem's page. She's got her finger on the pulse of home automation.