How Can I Get My Computer to Read the Screen to Me?

Episode 1767 (1:28:39)

Mike from Alhambra, CA

Mike is blind and wants to know what computers he can use that will speak to him. Leo says all of them have accessibility features, but most use screen readers to read what's on the computer screen. The programs aren't cheap, however. JAWS is the best known.

But there are open source options like ORCA. If you're fluent in braille, a braille screen reader reads your screen and displays them on a refreshable terminal with dots that go up and down.

Leo recommends contacting your local chapter of the Foundation for the Blind or Lighthouse. Even the Braille Institute. They'll be able to help you out. And one of the listeners, Julian, offers help to listeners as well. Check out here.

And for those who are making websites that those who are blind can read, check out this list of accessibility tools.