Can I Move Software From One Computer to Another?

Episode 1767 (39:33)

Jeff from High Point, NC
Revo Uninstaller

Jeff recently bought a Lenovo X1  laptop with a 2 TB M.2 SSD drive. But after he installed the drive, he now needs to install all the programs and data from his old SSD to the new one. But he can't do an image because the laptop uses the Pro edition of Windows, while his old laptop uses the home edition. How can he install the programs from a backup? Leo says that while possible, you don't want to do that. Windows installs aren't monolithic. It places files everywhere, especially with programs. Leo says the better way is to reinstall the app from scratch. But if you don't have a physical copy of the program, most companies will allow you to install it from a download with your serial number. And if you don't have the serial number, you can request they send it to you.

But you can check out Revo uninstaller. It's supposed to be one of the better installers for moving programs over. But it's dicey at best. A better idea is to use your programs as a subscription, like Microsoft Office. Then you can have multiple PCs with permission. 

Is Acronis good? Leo says it's a good reliable company, and it's worth trying.