What Laptop Should I Get for Gaming and Live Streaming?

Episode 1766 (1:52:20)

Nichole from Laguna Nigel, CA

Nichole wants to know what's the best PC for gaming and live streaming via Twitch, as well as other video production. She has a budget of $2,000. If she wants to build a desktop, Leo says to go with an AMD Ryzen processor. She'll save money and they are screaming fast. She will also need a good graphics card and 32GB of RAM at least. The RTX 3060 is a good one that's available and affordable. Leo says to look at Razer Mice and Keyboards. She will also want a good high-resolution monitor. She can also check YouTube for how to build a good streaming rig.

What about laptop options? Leo says that Alienware sells really nice gaming laptops. But there's also the ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers). Very good hardware that looks pretty cool to boot.

The chatroom also recommends OriginPC. And NVIDIA also has a line of gaming laptops here.