What Antenna Can I Get After I Cut the Cable?

Episode 1766 (1:15:10)

Dave from Diamond Bar, CA

Dave is cutting the cable and wants to look into getting an indoor antenna. Leo says to first check out Locast.org. He can stream live local TV. It'll work on Roku, the computer, and the phone. And if he wants to avoid being nagged for donations, he can pay $5 a month for the service. A lot cheaper than DirecTV's $150 a month. He can also consider YouTubeTV. For $65 a month, he will get live and local channels, plus select cable stations. Roku also has a lot of free channels like PlutoTV. PeacockTV has a free tier. The chatroom suggests FuboTV. 

There's also Hulu, which has a lower cost tier with ads. 

Also, check out TVFool.com to find out what over-the-air channels are available to pick up via an antenna and what antenna he should get.