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Watch Tony from Washington D.C. Comments

Tony has a Dell laptop and he wants to be able to get it to tell him audibly what time it is. How can he do that? Leo says to check out There's an article that will show how to use scripting in Visual Basic to harness Windows' text to speech to tell what time it is on a regular basis using the task scheduler in Windows.

If Tony has an Apple Watch, he can have it do it as well.

Watch JC from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

JC's Asus router is no longer supported by the company. What router should he buy? Leo says he doesn't really have to buy a new router. He can install DDWRT's firmware on it and then keep that router up to date. The chatroom recommends going to for a custom firmware for the Asus router.

But if he wants a new one, Leo recommends getting a mesh router, especially for a house as large as JC's (2500 sq ft). A base station and a beacon would be good. Leo's favorite is Eero.

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Watch Joe from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Joe tries to stream Pandora to a wireless speaker, but it breaks up during every other song. His carrier replaced his modem/router with a newer model. While the solution made it better, the problem still persists.

Leo says he doesn't have to use the carrier's modem/router on the network. He can buy his own. Leo says that he can save money that way as well, as it pays for itself. Leo recommends getting a DOCSIS 3.1 modem. Leo's favorite is the Netgear CM1000. 

Another thing he can do is try to move the modem router higher on the wall, where the signal can be sent clearer around the house. Or even close to the main connection.

Watch Dave from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Dave is cutting the cable and wants to look into getting an indoor antenna. Leo says to first check out He can stream live local TV. It'll work on Roku, the computer, and the phone. And if he wants to avoid being nagged for donations, he can pay $5 a month for the service. A lot cheaper than DirecTV's $150 a month. He can also consider YouTubeTV. For $65 a month, he will get live and local channels, plus select cable stations. Roku also has a lot of free channels like PlutoTV. PeacockTV has a free tier. The chatroom suggests FuboTV. 

There's also Hulu, which has a lower cost tier with ads. 

Also, check out to find out what over-the-air channels are available to pick up via an antenna and what antenna he should get.

Watch Abel from Fontana, CA Comments

Abel bought a pair of Ring Spotlight cameras, and the wind triggers the camera constantly, killing the batteries. He's been looking at solar panels to power them. Leo says he'd need a panel pretty big to power them. But he could go hardwired with them. Doctor Mom uses solar panels for hers and she says he will need at least six hours of constant sunlight daily for it to work in normal weather situations. 

Another solution is to use Wyze cameras. Their outdoor camera starter bundle starts at $50. Their indoor cameras are around $20. 

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Watch John from St. Petersberg, FL Comments

John recently bought a domain and created his own email for it. He has different emails for family, so how does he forward them to his central email? Leo says that he can use Gmail or even Microsoft Outlook for free, and then forward everything to there using DNS settings. Then he can use filtering settings to move those different emails into folders or forward them to other email accounts. Depending on the email provider, he can tell the provider to forward it directly through DNS. Look under their email forwarding settings, and perhaps an MX record. What about sending emails the same way?

Gmail will also work with his domains through a variety of aliases. He can even send emails that way. The chatroom also recommends for aliases.

Watch Nichole from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Nichole wants to know what's the best PC for gaming and live streaming via Twitch, as well as other video production. She has a budget of $2,000. If she wants to build a desktop, Leo says to go with an AMD Ryzen processor. She'll save money and they are screaming fast. She will also need a good graphics card and 32GB of RAM at least. The RTX 3060 is a good one that's available and affordable. Leo says to look at Razer Mice and Keyboards. She will also want a good high-resolution monitor. She can also check YouTube for how to build a good streaming rig.

What about laptop options? Leo says that Alienware sells really nice gaming laptops. But there's also the ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers). Very good hardware that looks pretty cool to boot.

The chatroom also recommends OriginPC. And NVIDIA also has a line of gaming laptops here.

Watch Matt from Pasadena, CA Comments

Matt is looking for a way to be a "digital nomad" moving around because of work. Leo recommends the HP Mini Desktop PCs.  The chatroom says the EliteDesk 705 Desktop Mini G5 is very reliable and comes with a Ryzen Pro processor. He can save money over a laptop and it's essentially just a box. Also, look at the Intel NUC and the Asus Mini, or Dell's Micro PCs. If he's going to be on the road, going with a smaller form factor makes a lot of sense.