Why Is My Mouse So Jumpy After Updating Windows 10?

Episode 1765 (1:33:05)

Doug from Magnolia, TX
Windows 10

Doug has a problem after updating Windows 10 to version 20H2. Ever since the update, his wireless mouse jumps all around. Doug decided to update the drivers on his wireless mouse as well and it's still producing the same problem. Somewhat ironic, the mouse is proprietary hardware from Microsoft.

Leo says that it's a good idea to plug in another wired mouse and see if you can duplicate the problem. If the problem continues, it's a software issue. If not, then you know it's a hardware issue and you need to replace your mouse. Leo also suggests starting over. Delete the mouse driver and then reinstall the mouse. Windows will reinstall the driver.  From the chatroom - there's a 14 step solution to solving the problem. Check out the technote here. There's another one hereAlso, replace the batteries.