Sam Abuelsamid and the Modular Origins

Episode 1765 (23:13)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about the GM Cruise Origin, a self-driving modular vehicle announced last year. It's a "robo taxi" developed by GM and Honda. It's designed specifically to be an autonomous taxi with no safety driver. Leo says it looks like a "Johnny Cab" from the film, Total Recall. Sam says it can also be adapted to be a delivery vehicle. An Amazon locker on wheels. Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced funding to become the Cruise cloud provider. All told, Microsoft, GM, Honda and others are investing more than $2 billion in development. 

Autonomous Vehicles are designed to "follow the rules," and what Waymo found is that passengers testing their vehicles are a bit annoyed at how safely they drive. So the challenge is just how far an AV can tow the line and still get people to ride them. It's a delicate balance, and Sam says, in most cases, AVs will follow the law despite how "dull" the experience is. And it's going to be a few years before we see them in traffic.

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