Rod Pyle and 143 Satellites

Episode 1765 (1:49:33)

Rod Pyle

Ad Astra editor in chief Rod Pyle joins Leo to talk about today's SpaceX Transporter launch, where they set a new record by launching 143 satellites on a single launch.  Most were small, microsatellites, others were standard satellite size.  Interestingly, the satellites were in various trajectories, causing the launch vehicle to do a corkscrew trajectory to orbit to deploy. On top of that, Space X was able to land the booster for the fifth time in order to recycle it for a future launch. It was the 73rd recovery of the booster stage. 

Rod also says one of the goals of commercial space is to move heavy industry out into space. There's also an upcoming Space Settlement conference to talk about placing colonies in space. It'll be streamed live on