How Can I Migrate My Software and Data From Vista to Windows 10?

Episode 1765 (1:41:33)

Don from Culver City, CA
Windows Vista

Don still uses a laptop he bought in 2009. But he recently bought a new HP All in One desktop computer. Now he has to transfer everything from his old Vista machine to his new Windows 10 machine. How can he do that? Leo says you won't' be able to copy over everything exactly. It'll still look different because it's Windows 10. But there is a utility that can do it.

Can he set it up to look like Windows Vista? Leo says you can, to an extent. Icons on the desktop will be the same though. But some things will be different. And Windows Photos is different. So you'll have to get used to some new stuff.

From the chatroom - here's how to move files and software from Vista to Windows 10. And don't put a third-party antivirus on it. You won't need it. Windows 10 has its own called Defender and it's competent and well designed. Just keep it updated.