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Watch Sue from Redondo Beach,CA Comments

Sue would like a recommendation for a new laptop. She recently bought a 15" Dell XPS and she didn't like it, so she sent it back. She couldn't hear the speakers. Leo says that laptop speakers are notoriously unimpressive. Sue would also like it to have a 17" screen.  Leo adds that the HP Envy gets high marks as one of the best laptops for audio enthusiasts. And HP makes a 17" laptop. The 17" HP Envy starts at around $800. Leo usually recommends 16GB of RAM, which is plenty for everyday use. Also, get a 1 TB drive with it; makes it really nice. 

Watch Adam from Putnam Valley, NY Comments

Adam has an old 2007 iMac that still runs well, but it's not very good for the Internet. He wants to use it as a secondary computer next to his newer iMac.  Leo says to make sure both computers are attached to the same iCloud account. That will make sure that the older Mac is synced properly. Leo also said that it's likely running iPhotos, the older version of Apple Photos. So it may have iCloud turned off. So turn that on. 

Leo also says that it's a good idea to manually move the iPhotos file to an external drive to back it up. R/C the iPhotos Library - select Show contents - original photos. Take those photos and copy them over to an external drive. Then connect it to your new iMac and import them into Photos.  From ScooterX - here's how. You may lose metadata if you edit them though. So start with the originals when you back them up.

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Watch Jesse from Ontario, California Comments

Jose has been kicked off of Google and can't access anything on the internet. Leo says to make sure your computer's time and data is correct to start. If your motherboard battery has died, it can't backup any time data, and as such, the clock fails and you can't sync up with Google. That's the first thing to check. Leo says that security software may also be a culprit. He recommends sticking with Windows Defender and not a third party AVS app. He's also using Windows 8. Leo says that could be part of the problem. But the good news is, it sounds like it's just Jose's computer and not something bigger like being blacklisted by Google online.

Leo recommends rebooting into Safemode with Networking. It'll look awful, but it should get you up and running online. 

Leo also says that now is a good time for Jose to upgrade to Windows 10. He can still do it for free. Upgrading will fix anything that is stuck and will get him future-proofed. And his computer should still be able to handle it since it's Windows 8.1.

Watch Mike from IRC Chat Comments

Mike wants to know when the M1 MacPro will come out. Leo says that the latest rumor is that a new M1 Mac Pro won't arrive until 2022, giving pros plenty of time to consider whether to move from Intel to the M1 platform. Leo hears that the M1 Mac Pro will be smaller, maybe even half the size since it runs faster and cooler. Should Mike go with an M1 iMac? Leo says not until Spring.

Watch John from Nashville, TN Comments

John has a TV with ATSC 3.0, but ATSC3 doesn't work with his DVR. Only the ATSC 1.0 side works. Leo says that most broadcasters aren't even using ATSC3 yet. It could be an incompatible file format. If your DVR supports ATSC3, then Leo says a call to the manufacturer is in order. Welcome to the world of being an early adopter. It's the early days of ATSC3 though, so in time, the issue should correct itself.

Watch Jim from Dana Point, CA Comments

Jim wants to know how Locast can rebroadcast live TV? Leo says the key may be that Locast is non-profit and only takes donations of $5 a month. It's also in limited areas. The local broadcasters tried to sue them off the air, but they haven't been successful yet. But for as long as it lasts, Locast may be a great option when cutting the cable. If you are living in one of the areas that Locast is available, you can stream live, local TV.

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Watch Doug from Magnolia, TX Comments

Doug has a problem after updating Windows 10 to version 20H2. Ever since the update, his wireless mouse jumps all around. Doug decided to update the drivers on his wireless mouse as well and it's still producing the same problem. Somewhat ironic, the mouse is proprietary hardware from Microsoft.

Leo says that it's a good idea to plug in another wired mouse and see if you can duplicate the problem. If the problem continues, it's a software issue. If not, then you know it's a hardware issue and you need to replace your mouse. Leo also suggests starting over. Delete the mouse driver and then reinstall the mouse. Windows will reinstall the driver.  From the chatroom - there's a 14 step solution to solving the problem. Check out the technote here. There's another one hereAlso, replace the batteries.

Watch Don from Culver City, CA Comments

Don still uses a laptop he bought in 2009. But he recently bought a new HP All in One desktop computer. Now he has to transfer everything from his old Vista machine to his new Windows 10 machine. How can he do that? Leo says you won't' be able to copy over everything exactly. It'll still look different because it's Windows 10. But there is a utility that can do it.

Can he set it up to look like Windows Vista? Leo says you can, to an extent. Icons on the desktop will be the same though. But some things will be different. And Windows Photos is different. So you'll have to get used to some new stuff.

From the chatroom - here's how to move files and software from Vista to Windows 10. And don't put a third-party antivirus on it. You won't need it. Windows 10 has its own called Defender and it's competent and well designed. Just keep it updated.

Watch Diane from Chicago, IL Comments

Diane says that she has multiple Gmail accounts. She'd like to remove one. Leo says to go to that account and log out. Once she logs out, it won't be available. You can also remove it. Click on the picture and then manage the account. Once there, you can select delete or disconnect the account. You could also sign out of all accounts and then sign in to the account you want.

Also, go to and select delete my account. Make sure you are logged into the account you want to delete. Click on "data and personalization." Then delete your service or account. Then select delete your account. But be sure it's what you want to do because you will lose everything in that account.