Johnny Jet ... Vaccinated

Episode 1764 (1:22:22)

Johnny Jet

There's a lot going on in Travel News these days. President Biden signed a mask mandate and all travelers have to wear a mask while on a plane. With this mandate, if a flyer refuses to wear a mask, they can be arrested and fined $30,000 or a year in prison. 

In other news, a new strain of COVID-19 is prompting countries to mandate only the use of N95 masks. This could be problematic considering shortages of the design.

Meanwhile, quarantine is now the new normal when traveling to another country. Hotels and resorts are also offering free testing and 14 days free if you test positive.

Starting this spring, Hawaii may open up to travel with no quarantine if you have been vaccinated. Meanwhile, SAGA Cruiselines in the UK is only allowing people who have been vaccinated to board their boats. Johnny thinks that could become the trend, that you'll need to be vaccinated in order to travel.

Johnny also says that there's a national Plan for Vacation Day coming Tuesday. According to studies, 97% of people are happier if they plan a vacation. So Johnny says to look for deals coming this Tuesday.

American Airlines has so much wine on hand, that they're offering a delivery service to people who like wine served on airlines.