How Do I Restore Windows to Stable Condition?

Episode 1764 (1:34:00)

John from Buffalo, NY
Deep Freeze

John's dad has a new computer, but he keeps messing things up, causing John to do a factory reset on more than one occasion. Leo says that Microsoft used to have a powerwash feature called Steady State that would do that, but they discontinued it. He recommends installing the Faronics Deep Freeze program. Another option is CleanSlate by FortresGrand. It will enable him to reboot the computer back to normal before he messes things up. Leo recommends doing that. Eventually, Microsoft is going to offer Windows in the Cloud, where it'll be like a Chromebook. Users will log in to Windows in the cloud and it'll always be OK.

John may also consider getting his dad an iPad or a Chromebook. They are a lot harder to mess up.