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Episode 1764 January 23, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Ron from Downey, CA Comments

Ron has a 40" Samsung TV with an Amazon Firestick. He can't raise the volume up or down. It's just stuck where it is. Leo says that it's likely an issue with the TV, not the Firestick. Leo says that he thinks that there's an issue with the TV's CEC option, which allows him to control the TV with the Firestick remote. What he suggests is to disconnect the Firestick and see if the volume issue persists. If it doesn't, then he knows there's an issue with the Firestick. 

Leo also suggests reprogramming the remotes to operate the TV. ScooterX in the chatroom suggests looking in the TV menu for a reset option in the TV settings. That could bring it all back to the factory default settings. Then try reinstalling the Firestick there. He can also go to Samsung's website and look for a firmware update. Bring it up to date by installing the update. That would clean up all settings back to default.

Settings - General - Smart Features - Autoruns Smart Hub - DISABLE. Here's a link.

Here's a discussion on this very problem with the answer -

Watch Frank from LA, CA Comments

Frank does his taxes using Turbo Tax. He uses an old Windows 7 machine to do it. But it's on its last legs, so he needs a new computer. What's a good cheap computer that will do the job for this one function? Leo says he can use Turbo Tax online, and that would mean he could get a Chromebook. But Frank says that Turbo Tax online doesn't support Chromebooks.

In that case, HP makes a very inexpensive Windows laptop for around $400. 

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Watch Larry from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Larry keeps getting notifications about a video he posted on Facebook. People are complaining that they can't open it. Leo says that it's a phishing scam and they likely got his email address on a mailing list, then hacked into his Facebook page. Larry changed his password. But it happened again a day later. Could his LastPass password be compromised?

Leo says that he can look in LastPass to see what's happening, but he doesn't think Larry's LastPass has been compromised. He thinks that Larry's Facebook address has been spoofed. Hackers can clone an account and then use it to send messages. Leo also recommends turning on two-factor authentication on both Facebook and LastPass. That really slows the bad guys down. 

From the chatroom - Make sure his friends' list isn't set to public. They can easily steal the list if it is. Go through the Facebook privacy settings and make them all friends only. Account options. Advanced. Other Sessions. That will show if the account has been logged in from another IP. 

Watch Leslie from Calabassas, CA Comments

Leslie teaches the blind to use computers, and one of his students is getting a popup for a "system optimizer." Leo says that it's a scam. Those popups are designed to get user credit cards by showing false positives from the Windows Event Viewer. The popup isn't actively harmful, but it is annoying. He can go into Programs-Features-Find PC Accelerator Pro and remove it. If it isn't there, then he'll need to Google PC Accelerator Pro Removal Guide. But be careful, some of those can be malware themselves. Go to BleepingComputer and find out how there. He can also use Malware Bytes to remove it. But Leo recommends removing Malware Bytes afterward. It's really powerful and can often cause more problems than it solves!

Leo also recommends downloading AutoRuns and use that to see what's loaded into your system.

Watch John from Buffalo, NY Comments

John's dad has a new computer, but he keeps messing things up, causing John to do a factory reset on more than one occasion. Leo says that Microsoft used to have a powerwash feature called Steady State that would do that, but they discontinued it. He recommends installing the Faronics Deep Freeze program. Another option is CleanSlate by FortresGrand. It will enable him to reboot the computer back to normal before he messes things up. Leo recommends doing that. Eventually, Microsoft is going to offer Windows in the Cloud, where it'll be like a Chromebook. Users will log in to Windows in the cloud and it'll always be OK.

John may also consider getting his dad an iPad or a Chromebook. They are a lot harder to mess up.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Barbara from Tarzana, CA Comments

Barbara is having issues with her keyboard. Keys won't display or will stick and display multiple times. She replaced the keyboard on the laptop. But it didn't fix the problem. Dell says the next step is to replace the motherboard. But what happens to her software and data? Leo says that she can make an image backup of the hard drive, and then wipe the drive so that Dell can replace the motherboard. Leo says the good news is, that since it's under warranty, Barbara doesn't have to pay for it. It's the reason why Gold Service with in-house replacement is a good investment. She could ask the Dell technician not to wipe the drive, but it's a good idea to back up the hard drive just in case. 

Watch Jeff from Nashville, TN Comments

Jeff wants to know if Google Backup and Sync is a good way to back up his hard drive. Leo says he's used it and it works. It's not really designed to be a hard drive backup, but he can use it for something like Google Photos. But also remember that Google Drive isn't private. People can see user data online. So he wouldn't use it for sensitive data. Leo recommends iDrive because it does not only encrypt data, but it also has versioning, so it keeps versions of the data. It's a much better solution.

Watch Kevin from Malibu, CA Comments

Kevin wants to give a family member an iPad with movies on it for her stay in the hospital. But he doesn't want her to have his Apple ID. Leo says that Apple Family allows users to share data with up to 6 family members. Users can share music, apps, tv and movie purchases, iCloud, photos, the works. How about backing up with a simple drag and drop? Leo says that he's a fan of iMazing. It will allow him to easily transfer files that way.

Is there any way to control the iPad remotely? Leo says no. He can go from iOS to macOS, but not the other way. 

What about a slideshow with Google Photos? Leo says the best option is using the Google Nest Hub for that. 

Watch Duke from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Duke can't get his Windows screensaver to activate. He can preview it, but it doesn't engage on its own. Leo says that there has to be a setting in the power options that are preventing it. It may be "wake on LAN" in the BIOS that's preventing it from going to sleep. So get into the BIOS and make sure the wake on LAN is turned off. Leo also suggests checking to see if a third party screensaver is causing a conflict. R/C desktop - personalization. Windows Key + L will also turn on screen lock. That could turn on the screensaver. 

Watch Heather from Kinderhook, NY Comments

Heather is receiving a file from her son, but she can't open it. Leo says that if he is sharing a file from Google Drive, he'll have to share the file with someone through their Gmail address so they can view it. Even with an attachment through Google, the file may have saved to his Google Drive and users have to be logged in in order to open it. Probably better to set it to let anyone view it.