Rod Pyle and Computers in Space

Episode 1763 (1:48:05)

Rod Pyle

Rod Pyle joins Leo to talk about how the computer used on the Saturn V moon rocket is back in the news. Back in the 60s, computers were housed in rooms. During Apollo, they had to shrink computers down to the size of a briefcase. The computer was housed in a ring section between the stages, and it controlled the firing sequence and the flight up into orbit. It also had its own cooling system. What's amazing is that they survived even a direct lightning strike on Apollo 12. So it was very robust. 

Flash forward 52 years later, the Shuttle Launch System, or SLS, uses a new launch vehicle that just failed a critical test. The SLS system is already behind schedule and over budget. And since it's using older shuttle engines, there's a wonder why issues keep cropping up.