Why Can't My Chromebook Print Anymore?

Episode 1762 (1:56:22)

Chuck from San Diego, CA
Cloud Print

Chuck bought a printer for his Chromebook and now he's getting messages that Google won't be supporting his printer anymore. What gives? Leo says that Google has killed its Cloud Print service (more info here). And so, Chuck can't use the internet to print anything. But Leo assures that the Chromebook will have a printing feature if his Chromebook is on the same network. Just like a Windows and Mac machine. Leo suggests going into the advanced settings on the Chromebook, under printing, and add the printer there.

There are third party solutions including DirectPrint and PaperCut. Both mentioned by Google, but probably not free. There's also EZP and PrintIx.net.


Check out KilledbyGoogle.com for a list of every service that Google has killed.