What's a Good Mid-range Chromebook?

Episode 1762 (46:11)

Mike from Rancho Mirage, CA
Acer Spin

Mike is looking for a good, mid-range Chromebook. Leo recommends ACER. He can get a decent Chromebook for around $300-500. Leo's favorite is the Chromebook Spin. $269 on Amazon

Mike's old Macbook Pro is having wireless mouse issues. It's getting a bit jiggy.  Leo says that new batteries in the mouse may help. But the mouse may just be worn out. They do wear with use. Replacing a wired mouse can also eliminate interference as an issue. Leo prefers a wired mouse. If the issue disappears, then he will know.

Another thing he could do is check and see if the problem is duplicated on the trackpad. If so, then simply reinstalling the operating system should clear it up.