Scott Wilkinson and the Virtual Pedometer

Episode 1762 (26:22)

Scott Wilkinson

This year's CES was held online and Scott attended virtually. So he couldn't get in the 20+ miles of walking he would do every year. He didn't miss that. But he missed seeing friends, going to dinner and a show, and learning about technology up close and personal. But he did like that he could get video briefings, click on press releases and information, it was all very efficient. 

And because Scott wasn't racing around, he had more time to write about the latest news coming out of CES. Check it out at Some things Scott liked are the Clear Crescent Smart Speaker, which uses beamforming to give users a simulated 3d audio experience. Noopl is a clever gizmo that plugs into your iPhone and uses three microphones to isolate sounds in a crowded environment, so you can filter out ambient noise while having a conversation. And it makes use of the AirPods Pro head tracking to do it. A very cool device. It would be ideal on the showroom floor of CES, or even a party, for example. Noopl also can detect whether you are holding your phone or have placed it on a table to adjust the sound.

The general trends in TVs this year are bigger, as TVs get over 80". 85" is the new 70". Artificial Intelligence is being used in audio processing and higher resolution. Brighter OLEDs are also an emerging trend. Scott says it wasn't so much revolutionary, as evolutionary.