Johnny Jet ... Getting There

Episode 1762 (1:15:00)

Johnny Jet

The latest in travel news is that the CDC now requires a negative test three days before you travel overseas. You will then also have to have a negative test to return. That's on top of two weeks of quarantining when you arrive. That will add huge fees to traveling that could cause international travel to take a hit. But Johnny Jet says that this will be the future of travel and it should be done at the airport. LAX is already doing rapid testing for $125. So Johnny thinks that airfares will go up, and domestic travel will be more popular for some time. So now is the time to book flights, while prices are low. 

Canada says that at least one person on a plane is infected, in spite of studies that say otherwise. The FAA can fine travelers up to $35,000 if a passenger refuses to wear a mask, plus jail time.

As for cruising, Johnny doesn't think that cruising will make a comeback until at least the summer. 

Meanwhile, Airbnb has canceled all reservations in the DC area ahead of the upcoming inauguration.