How Can I Automatically Print Out a Weekly Test Page for My Inkjet Printer?

Episode 1761 (42:40)

Dave from Twin Falls, ID
Epson Printer

Dave has an Epson Inkjet printer, and he constantly has to clean the ink that has dried out of the printer's head. Leo says that inkjets aren't really good for people that only print occasionally. And the routing to clean out the clogs wastes a LOT of ink in the process. So a laser is a much better option. Leo got an inexpensive Brother Laser printer.

But you could create a shortcut that would enable you to print out a test page every week to keep your inkjet healthy. Here's how -

iOS has an automation tool called ShortCuts that may be able to do it. Here's another technote from Apple -

Doctor Mom suggests using a print command skill through Amazon Echo to do it.