The Giz Wiz gets Innovative

Episode 1760 (1:54:50)


Dickie D joins Leo to talk about a new innovative virtual keyboard that won the annual Innovation Award from CES. 

 Swiss Keyboard Startup, Typewise, says they're on a mission to make daily lives easier by changing the way users input information into their devices. Typewise combines smart auto-correction and text predictions, resulting in a 4x reduction in typos. All user data stays on the device (full data privacy) – none of it is accessible by Typewise, or third parties, a break away from existing norms. Specifically designed to reduce typos - achieving on average a 4x reduction in typing errors - and boost productivity. Typewise currently supports more than 40 languages. The app’s patented honeycomb keyboard empowers intuitive, low-error typing without reducing speed, while allowing users to switch languages without switching keyboards. Typewise has already been downloaded over 500,000 times and is being used by 130,000 active users. You can try it yourself. It's free, and the links for iOS and Android are below.

Demo Video:  


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