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Episode 1760 January 9, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Chris from Rhode Island Comments

Chris is looking for a good tablet with wireless capability. Leo says that if he gets one, make it LTE compatible and don't get it from a carrier. They'll probably lock it. The Samsung S7 is really aggressive in pricing right now, at $149 with trade-in.

Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian recently purchased an M1 Mac Mini and he's running a beta of Parallels on it. He also got a 13" Macbook at the same time. Leo says though, if he can run everything on a Mac using Rosetta, he'll be much better off. And in the next two years, he'll see native apps with dual binaries that will be able to run on both M1 and Intel platforms. Meanwhile, Rosetta runs pretty well, he won't see much of a performance hit if any.

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Watch Jeff from Piedmont, CA Comments

Jeff wants to know if WhatsApp is private. He's concerned that Facebook gets his data. Leo says that WhatsApp does share user information with Facebook. But if he's concerned about that, there are other options. Leo dislikes Facebook so much, he doesn't use any of their apps.

Telegram is a really nice choice. It's free and secure. If he's looking for REAL privacy, then there's SIGNAL. They don't share any personal information. What about LINE? Leo says that Line is very popular in Japan. Then there's Discord.

What Leo wishes is that Apple would open up Messages to Android. If they would do that, it would solve all this.

Watch Frank from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Frank tried to teach his parents how to use a smartphone. Both Android and iPhone. It didn't go well. So he's looking to get a flip phone for them. But their carrier Verizon is pushing smartphones.  Leo says they are pushing LTE phones because they want to decommission their old towers that flip phones rely on. Still, Verizon offers the Kazoona eTalk. As long as they are LTE compatible, they will be fine with a flip/feature phone. Look for a section on Verizon's website called BASIC PHONES.

Alcatel makes dumb phones as well. Look at the GoFlip V. Verizon sells it.

Watch Frank from New York Comments

Frank has a security camera that he's got connected to his WiFi. And his network is really slow now. Leo says that may be due to constantly uploading videos. When he couples that with the congestion of multiple devices sharing the network, it can slow things down. Leo recommends going with a mesh router so that the congestion is much better managed. What about an extender? Leo says that extenders essentially cut bandwidth in half, so it'll make it worse. Go with the mesh router. Leo recommends Eero and Netgear Orbi.

Watch Clayton from Denver, CO Comments

Clayton is having trouble with Quickbooks on macOS Big Sur. Leo says that he thinks that Quickbooks doesn't support BigSur with older versions of their app. But this technote says they plan to update Quickbooks in the next few weeks. Likely to handle security features required in BigSur. Keep track of it on their blog.

But Leo adds that what they really want to do is update and subscribe to a monthly service. It's much better to get paid every month than once every few years. This way they can keep one's app updated with new features year-round. It's the latest trend.

There are alternatives like Zoho Books. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry found out that his satellite company is charging him $7 a month for using his own equipment. Leo says that's now illegal. Leo says they are now trying to get around it by calling it a "service fee," but it's still illegal. He recommends contacting the FCC or state local public utility commission.

Jerry also wants to know how to block robocalls. Leo says that he can add his phone to the DoNotCall list, but he also recommends contacting the carrier to see what call blocking features they offer. Many are doing it for free now. Check out His phone may also offer call-blocking, though it could be called something different.

Watch Steve from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Steve wants to know if he can scan something and fax it digitally. Leo says he can with eFax, but it's a monthly service. He can send as many as he wants, but most people don't fax much anymore. So a pay-as-you-go service, like Fax Zero, maybe a better option. But it won't be "HIPPA" compliant. The WireCutter recommends HelloFax.

Watch Peter from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Peter gets a Gig up and down with Fiber. Leo says he probably doesn't get that all the time. Would he get that with WiFi and a mesh router? Leo says if all devices are WiFi 6, maybe. But everything has to be wifi compatible. The thing is, WiFi 6e is right around the corner, so it's probably a good idea to wait. Leo had the Orbi with WiFi 6 and it was only 10% faster. Not really worth the extra expense. 

Peter has a video he'd like to share, but he needs to blur some of the faces in the video. Leo says that YouTube Studio has a blur feature that he can add. It's pretty smart. There are also iOS apps that can do it, like Video Mosaic. There are tools in iMovie or Final Cut Pro that'll do it as well. Look at the advanced tools of iMovie. Filmora Video Editor for macOS will also do it.

Watch Brad from Cheyenne, WY Comments

Brad set up his parents' new Windows computer with bookmarks so they can easily visit their favorite websites. Is that secure? Leo says, unless someone else has physical access, it's secure. He's also had it set to go to sleep and require a password after 10 minutes of inactivity. Leo says that's a good idea. But Leo also recommends giving them a basic user account, not an administrator account. That way they can't install anything or give someone remote access, or even privilege escalation. Based on what Brad has laid out, their computer is pretty locked down.