Why Don't I Have Data Access on My Mobile Phone?

Episode 1759 (1:38:04)

Mark from Los Angeles, CA
Cellphone Bars

Mark has a Samsung Note X. Sometimes, he doesn't get any internet access, even though he has full bars. He's tried going into airplane mode and back, but he still doesn't get data. Is it a dead zone? Leo says that the bars aren't for data; they are for voice. So your full bars doesn't really have anything to do with data access. But since Mark lives in LA, you should get data anywhere.

There is a diagnostic mode in your phone that you can use to see.  A secret code - *#0*# will launch on your Samsung that will show what your radios are getting, as well as other results. There may also be a carrier diagnostic that can provide you with more data on getting signal wise. Go to your local carrier store (his is Sprint) and ask. 

Mark is also looking for a local IT guy. Leo says you want a locally managed service provider (MSP), which you can pay by the hour to do small business IT work.