What Are My Alternatives to Google Photos?

Episode 1759 (1:05:17)

Diane from Chicago, IL

Diane hears that Google Photos is going to end on January 5th. Leo says that's not accurate. Google Photos will be ending their free unlimited photo storage on June 1st. However, until then, you can store unlimited photos that will remain free forever. After that, the 15GB limit will apply to any new photos, music, all your docs, and email.  But Google's pay tier is pretty affordable if you need more space.

There are other options like Shutterfly and Amazon Prime. 

What you can also do to free up space is to move your documents to other options like Microsoft One Drive, DropBox, Box. Leo uses P-Cloud. You get 10GB for free. They also have a lifetime 2TB storage for $350.

Chris Marquardt uses Wasabi and ARQ.