Sam Abuelsamid and the Shifted Model Year

Episode 1759 (27:47)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam Abuelsamid joins Leo to talk about how car companies are now putting out new cars during any time of the year, not just in the Fall. 

In other news, more electric vehicles are coming from startups this year, including Rivian, which is going to be coming out with a new eTruck. They are launching with a pickup and SUV in 2021. The other new e-car is from Lucid, called Lucid Air. But at $160,000, it's costly. Leo mentions that he's nervous about startups due to parts and service availability, recalls, etc. Those are growing pains that Legacy automakers don't deal with as much. But Sam says that with the new way of thinking of cars as updatable computers on wheels, those growing pains are about the same, digitally.

The NISSAN Aria and the VW ID4 are coming out this year. Both are electric crossovers. So there will be a lot of choices, across a lot of different models.

In other car news, Tesla finally made the goal of selling half a million cars in 2020, two years late. But that's not too bad. Sam also says that fast-charging networks are being expanded across the US, and in the coming years, it'll be much easier to get a quick charge to get you further down the road.