How Can I Get My External Hard Drive to Be Read?

Episode 1759 (42:29)

Brett from Lakewood, WA
SpinRite 6

Brett has an external hard drive that has his Plex Media Library on it. It has over 500 movies on it. But he's been having issues with it now. His PC can read only random movie files. Leo says the hard drive is starting to fail, and Brett needs to back it up asap and replace it. Leo thinks the hard drive is experiencing a soft failure, meaning that the drive has some corruption of the hard drive catalog, and it could be fixed. Leo recommends SpinRite, which can read bad sectors and move the data to a healthier drive sector. It'll then mark the bad sector so the hard drive can't write to it again. Once done, you can move the data to a new drive. It's not cheap, at $90, but it's definitely worth it to get all those movies and TV Shows back.