How Can I Catalog and Organize My Library of Music and Movies?

Episode 1759 (1:27:22)

Nolan from Los Angeles, CA
Delicious Library 3

Nolan wants to know if storing passwords on your iPhone is safe. Leo says if you only use Apple devices, it's about as secure as it can get. iOS has it's own built-in password generator and wallet. But your passwords won't be available if you use a Windows Machine or other cross-platform device. That's where a third-party app like LastPass comes in handy. 

Nolan also wants a program that he can use to catalog all his CDs and DVDs. Leo says that any Database program can work, like MS Access. You can roll your own using MS Access. You could also use a spreadsheet app like Excel, Apple Numbers, or even Google Docs to do it. 

On the Mac side: Claris Filemaker Pro is the best option.

There's also a purpose-built option like Delicious Library, which is designed specifically for movies and music libraries.