Can I Do a Zoom Call With My TV?

Episode 1759 (1:46:54)

Matthew from Murrieta, CA
Facebook Portal

Matthew bought a Facebook Portal for his in-laws. He keeps hearing that they're going to add Zoom, but that hasn't happened yet. What he wants to know is, can he do a zoom call on his TV? Leo says one way to do it is with an Apple TV and airplay it, with your camera being your iPhone or iPad. But everyone would have to have an Apple Device to do it. 

Another option is you're not an Apple fan, is to get a Chromecast and use your Android device to cast in the same fashion. The Google Nest Hub Max can also do it. Here's how.

Logitech also makes a device to do it, but it's kind of an expensive way to do it. Here's an article on it.