Why Doesn't AOL Take My Password?

Episode 1758 (56:50)

Kim from Temecula, CA

Kim changed her AOL password last month, but now AOL won't accept the new password. What can she do? Leo says that Verizon owns AOL right now, but they really don't care about them. Gmail is a much better option. But Leo says that email is so important, it really pays to actually pay for the service. Leo recommends FastMail.It's around $20 a year.

But for Kim, it's likely just a matter of starting over and changing the password again using the Verizon Email AOL password change feature here. Go to mail.aol.com and try and log in first. She can also configure a third-party app to log into your AOL account. Here's how.

Kim also has been having issues streaming Amazon Prime Videos with her Firestick. Leo says it may need an update or is so out of date, that it doesn't work with how Amazon streams now. Luckily, the Firesticks are pretty cheap. Lonndog in the chatroom suggests resetting a FireStick first though. It could give it a fresh start.